Saturday, July 26, 2008

Two very different teams

Yesterday, the Twins and the White Sox both let their opposing teams score 5 runs. Both teams came back in some capacity. However, the Twins couldn't quite finish the job, and lost 5-4. The White Sox meanwhile did finish the job and won 6-5. Heartbreaking.

Just a few days ago, the Twins were half a game out of first. One week later they're 3.5, and if they're not careful, they could be heading for worse than that. The only good news is that while the White Sox are winning, they're doing it against the Twins next biggest threat, the Tigers.

I felt good coming out of the All-Star break being only a small margin out of first. However, that good feeling fell sharply when the Twins lost 3 blowout games in Yankee Stadium. That killed 'em. Now there are just a few more days until the trade deadline, and the big question is, can the Twins finish the race... ahead of the Sox.

This upcoming series with the Sox is going to be crucial. Four games. That can potentially have more consequence than a 3 gamer. While a 3-gamer guarantees some change in standings, the risk is a little more with the 4-game series. It'll be Slowey, Perkins, Livan and Baker. And I sure hope that they'll be able to tame that offense.

The Sox have played very well this season, and certainly deserve to be there. But that doesn't mean I'm gonna root for them.

Oh yeah, and since I just got cable... and I live close to Chicago now, I will be able to watch some of these games.

Go Twins.