Saturday, September 29, 2007

So long 2007 Twins

I'll have more later about the playoffs, but I wanted to use this post to wish the 2007 Twins farewell and good luck this offseason. It was an unfortunate year of injuries and players not quite playing to potential. It was a year without Liriano and not much Mauer. It was however a year of great playing by Hunter and Santana, and even Morneau. It was a year in which Silva wasn't quite so bad. It was the year the Kubel broke out and started to look like a force on this team (though you wouldn't know it the way Gardy plays him).

I'm sad that the Twins couldn't do more this year to make the playoffs, especially considering the run they had last year. But I do have hope. Next year we'll have Liriano, and I have reason to believe that Baker, Garza, and Slowey will improve on their seasons. We may not have Hunter, but we may very well have some other good bats depending on how our new GM uses the money that Hunter wanted.

The Twins have a lot to improve upon. I can seriously say that I see this team either dominating next year, or falling to last. It's all going to depend on the postseason, but we can talk about that more later.

For now, let's relish the good moments, realize that the bad have come and gone, and remember this season as an unfortunate missed attempt to carry the magic from last year. It's someone else's year, but the Twins still have hope. May next year be better, and may they learn from their mistakes.

Go Twins!


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