Saturday, September 08, 2007

New Low

Okay, I thought when the Indians left town for the last time, this team would finally relax a little and try to finish the season with a little dignity. However, Friday night I guess they had other plans.

Here's the weird thing, I didn't find out about Friday until Saturday night. I had noticed that the Twins scored 6 runs in the top of the 9th, but I went to bed figuring they had it won. When I checked the recap for Saturday's game and saw they lost, I noticed in the recap that they had lost 6 in a row. "That wasn't right, I thought. I knew about the 3 to the Indians, and the one to the Royals before that. But last night they were up 10-4, don't tell me they lost.

They did.

It's one thing to give up two runs to tie it against a first place team like what happened on Tuesday. But to score 6 and then give up 6. That's a whole new level of anti-clutch.

What the F happened to this team. Seriously. MVP and batting champ. Cy Young winner. Manager of the year runner up. How the hell could this team have fallen so far so damn fast. It's ponderous. It's f'in ponderous.

Two weeks ago we had just taken the third of four from Baltimore and the Twins were still hopeful to make a run for a playoff spot. Two weeks later the Twins have gone from contenders to a joke. I thought I had typed my last entry for the year. That they would just cruise along until the end. But this... this is something that can't be ignored.

This team needs a closed door meeting. Something. This is a freakin' joke. Who let this happen? Ryan? Gardy? Who? Pohlad? This team needs a kick in the pants, and quick. Ending the season like this would be tragic and pathetic. I certainly hope that something better happens quickly, because I don't want to head into the 6 months of offseason with this last month in my memory.


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