Monday, May 12, 2008

Mother May I?

There are certain points in a season where I become a believer... or a cynic. After this weekend's megaseries with Boston, turn me into a believer... for a while. For the Twins to come home and take 3 of 4 from the defending World Champs, including 2 very close one-run games, is astounding. There are certain teams that you always feel good about beating. White Sox, Tigers, Yankees, Angels, Athletics, and the Red Sox. One was a comeback, another a hold-off. Either way, taking 3 of 4 is good news. The Twins are in first. For what seemed to be a rebuilding year, they aren't doing half bad. There's still a lot of work to do, but so far, I have been pleased indeed.

There's a funny correlation with Mother's Day and Twins games. Living outside the Twin Cities (well... at least the Minnesota version) I don't get to see games much. Worse, I don't subscribe to cable, thus I don't get ESPN. But my mom does. Now I just need her to move closer to me (darn slow market). This past Sunday was Mother's Day, and it seems like I remember the Twins playing on ESPN a lot on Mother's Day. Particularly because my wife is not a baseball fan, and I distinctly remember one such year where this was the case, and she was not pleased that I wanted to stay at her folks house and watch the Twins game. Fat chance that happening again this year. Oh well, they won anyway, and my wife had a wonderful Mother's Day.

I've dreamed of this blog being bigger than this. I've also dreamed of starting other blogs on various subjects, such as TV shows, video games, and politics. However, I have enough trouble keeping this one afloat. I hope to keep this going, but it does help when the Twins do particularly well, like they did in June of 2006. I'm behind right now because of an exam, but I hope to keep it rollin' very soon.

Thank you, and GO TWINS!!!


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