Monday, October 01, 2007

Totally jumping on the bandwagon.

Well, the Twins bandwagon has pulled in and the engine has been shutoff for another winter. Only a week ahead of last year (sadly). So, now that the playoffs are starting, it's time to look at who's bandwagon I'm going to hop onto.

Normally I don't do this. I have my Twins. I used to cheer for the Cards since I was in Redbird territory. Now that I'm in Central Illinois, I don't feel so obligated to do that. Not to mention they didn't make it this year.

A lot of times I will cheer for the AL, simply because that's where the Twins are, and I have a sort of loyalty to them. This year, I will indeed be cheering on the Indians in the AL playoffs.

But the NL is where all the teams are. First of all, the Mets are gone and the Phillies are in. I'm not a great fan of the Phillies, but I like them better than the Mets. The D'backs are a nice fresh new face, but again, they just won 6 years ago, so I'd like someone new to win.

The Cubs are in it also. I am in Central Illinois... but I have too much St. Louis in me. I want them to lose, not so much because I dislike them, but because it's so much fun to watch the fans. 2003 was priceless, as was 1998. And besides, if they win, I'll hate them like I do the Red Sox now. So they have to stay the lovable losers.

The Padres are a good tough team that remind me a lot of the Twins. Great pitching (Peavy is the NL's Santana). Decent lineup. Been to the playoffs but couldn't quite do it. But alas, they are not the team I am going to follow this winter.

It's going to be their opponent tonight.

I'm totally jumping on the Rockies bandwagon. Back in 1993 when this team started out, they were my new favorite team. I have always loved Colorado as a state. The skiing, the scenery. I've wanted them to be a good team for a long time, and only 1995 has stood as a playoff season. I also heard a story last year how the clubhouse has a Christian atmosphere at times. I really like that.

I might try to follow them a little more after this season, no matter the result. I guess now that I'm in neutral (sort of) territory, now's as good a time as ever.

So good luck to the Rockies, and if they don't do it, the Indians, and if they don't do it, the Padres, and if they don't do it... I guess the Cubs.

Just not the Yankees, and not the Red Sox. Please, anybody but them!


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