Sunday, August 03, 2008

What a week!

I was psyched for this past week of Twins baseball. A four game series with the White Sox... at home! Another 3 with the lowly Indians. Best of all, with my new cable package, I was able to get a handful of White Sox games. Which meant I had a great seat to Tuesday and Thursday night's victories.

Both ended up very similar. Twins down 4-0 by the fifth inning. Both times coming back and usually at the hands of Mauer and Morneau. With an added spice of Kubel.

Speaking of which, I saw the best sign ever at the game Thursday. "I've got a FEVER, and the only prescription is more Ku-bel." Brilliant.

The Twins ended up standing pat at the trade deadline, though it seems as they tried and got no bites. Afterward, the Twins let go of some dead weight in Livan Hernandez and Craig Monroe. To replace them they brought up Ruiz and some guy named Liriano. Apparently he's been doing fairly well in the minors. :-)

After two 3 chances in 4 days to get first place failed, the Twins were finally successful on Sunday. Was it any coincidence that it happened the same time the Twins finally put Liriano in the rotation. It's almost poetic.

The Twins have a difficult August coming up. They've got a home series with the Yankees, and a lot of games against the West. Including a brutal road trip that includes Oakland, Seattle, Los Angeles and Toronto. The more ground the Twins can gained now, the better.

I'm hopeful that the Twins can do it this year... and best of all, they didn't need to acquire a washed-up (albeit Hall-of-Fame calibur) CF to do it.


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