Saturday, July 07, 2007

Bears vs. Vikings?

A couple of football scores showed up in yesterday's double header. If you would have told me that the Twins would have allowed 14 runs in the first game, I would have thought it a loss. But alas, no. They scored 20 of their own to win the first game with a softball like score. The greatest was getting into my car when the score was 14-8, but the end of my short 10-15 minute commute, they had increased their lead to 17-8. Listening, it sounded like the most effortless 3 runs they've scored all year.

I was worried that they had wasted all their runs in the first game, but apparently that was just the Sox. Matt Garza pitched 6 solid innings without giving up a run as the Twins won the second game 12-0. Morneau hit 3 home runs against newcomer Gavin Floyd to get his total up to 23. Anyone think he could get to 40 this year?

Two more games and they're both on TV that I can watch. Only 11% of the markets are getting the Twins game on FOX, and mine is one of them (YES!) Living closer to Chicago has its perks. The game will also be on WGN on Sunday.

Folks in the Twin Cities don't know how good they have it, getting to watch most Twins games. Us out-of-towners have to catch them when we can, but I appreciate every time they are on. Here's hopin' for a winner, and an inch closer to Central lead.