Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Not too late for the party I hope?


Moving takes a lot out of you, especially time. But now I'm more settled in, and now that Lost, Heroes and 24 are over, I have a lot more TV and internet time to devote to the Twins! Not that I'm jumping on the bandwagon when the finally get over .500! (woo-hoo)

Yesterday I had the privilege of watching the Twins and White Sox on WGN. Santana pitched, and I knew it was going to be a good game. The stars aligned themselves just right. The wife was out of town. The kids had their nap. And Daddy had a couple diet pepsis and a Twins ball game on his new HDTV (not in HD though :-( ).

Best moments were the pirahna attacks in the second and sixth innings, capped by a nice shark bite in the form of a 3-run double by Redmond (Joe who... j/k). Hunter's chop gave the Twins the lead in perhaps a most unusual way. The Twins made the White Sox pay for their mistakes.

I know some deal was made about AJ stepping on Justin's shoe, but seriously do we need to get into that? I still kinda like AJ, although now that he's on our rival team, I love to hate him (and the team). But I'll still cheer for them when their playing the Yankees.

That brings up anoter big cheering point for me this season. The Yankees are tied (you read that right) tied for last place in the East with the Devil Rays. Granted, it's early, and no Twins fan is about to say the Yankees are out of it, and I certainly don't believe the Yankees will finish last. But by golly, wouldn't it be nice to see the Yankees OUT of the post-season this year? I wonder who FOX would show for their primetime games? Probably the Mets to keep the New York edge. (stupid networks).

I'm now half the distance to Chicago that I was before, which means Twins/White Sox games are a lot easier to catch, especially on the radio. I can sometimes get 1500 if the winds are just right and the planets align and strawberries are in season. However, I could get 830 a lot easier last year. It's a shame I can't hear them on that station anymore.

Anyway, I've rambled on enough. I'm happy to be back, and hopefully I'll be posting at least once a week (hopefully more). With the retirement of batgirl (www.bat-girl.com) there needs to be some Twins fans to take up the slack. I hope that I can provide a little of that.

Still the Loyal Twins fan.