Thursday, March 22, 2007

The beginning of a new season.

Ah, I can smell the hot dogs already!

Only a week and a half left until the first game of the season. It's time to reflect one last time on the magic that was last season.

Note: This will be the last time (okay, no it won't) that I will bring up how wonderful last season was. Best regular season ever. Okay, they sucked in the playoffs, but I forgive them. They came back from double digits after the all star break to not just take a wild card (puhlease) but win the division. Of course, the wild card team did go to the Series, but I digress.

I know this season won't match up to last season. But I remain hopeful that they will still play good ball and that they will still have another chance at the postseason. Santana, Mauer (edit... just found out about the stress fracture... dangit), Morneau, Bartlett, Hunter, Nathan, and the gang will propel this team much better than last year. I just feel it.

The Central Division is going to be tough, and I wouldn't have it any other way. It ain't worth winning if it ain't special! Detroit is going to be hanging around. They've got spectacular young talent. The White Sox are always a threat (and so much fun to beat). The Indians are due for a run. And Kansas City... well they're used to playing spoiler by now.

So here's to the upcoming season. Change of scenery for me. Hopefully change of postseason success for the Twins.