Thursday, September 21, 2006


Who the hell is this Jeter guy? And why the hell is he the top candidate for MVP?

Gammons was saying on ESPN that Jeter deserves to get MVP because of how he helped turned his team around, stating that at one point, they were 5 games out of first, behind the Red Sox, and that his leadership was the difference.

Wait a damn minute.

If you want to take that logic, how about looking at a player who did something very similar under much more challenging circumstances. The Twins were 8 games under .500. As far back as 12 games behind first place Detroit. One player, who struggled earlier in the season, started to find it at about the same time the Twins started their streak in June. He carried this team on his back and helped spark the offense to become better than it has in years!

Oh, and he's 5th in batting average, 2nd in RBI.

Justin Morneau.

I don't understand the logic of the baseball experts. You can't logically pick Jeter without strongly considering Morneau under the same circumstances. No, Morneau is not "captain" in name, but by and large his offense has helped carry this team like no other. In fact, I think his successful run at 30 home runs has also helped start an offensive renaissance in Torii Hunter, who's damn close to hitting 30 himself, including 13 in Aug and September.

The Twins were further out of first (and the WC), further below .500, with fewer financial resources than the Yankees, and in a MUCH tougher division. I know where my vote's going.


Blogger SBG said...

Hey punman!

I'm a Santana-for-MVP guy, but Morny's been every bit as valuable as Jeter, if not moreso.

9/21/2006 8:50 AM  
Blogger Dave said...

I agree with you. Morneau deserves to be MVP. Jeter does not.

One could argue that Mauer or Santana also deserve MVP votes. Those who profess that Jeter should be MVP, tend to be saying that it is a race between Mauer and Jeter or Santana and Jeter. But, I think that is their Yankee-centric way of saying that the MVP vote is primarily about batting average (Jeter wasn't that far behind Mauer) or wins (The Jeter plus Wang-led Yankees won 97 games and the Santana-led Twins won 96.)

Baseball broadcasting is about appealing to fans, not about truth. We'll see if baseball MVP voters vote objectively or decide that the Twins had too many MVP candidates. So, they had to vote for a player on a team where all of the top players but one underachieved.

10/09/2006 2:08 PM  

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