Tuesday, April 03, 2007

One down

100 more to go (crosses fingers)

I got to watch last night's game since it was on ESPN2 'n' all. I went to Buffalo Wild Wings to watch it. Apparently there was another game on, some meaningless basketball game, that everyone else was paying attention to. Pfft. Oh well.

The Twins game started out great. Santana struck out his first batter. Mauer got the first hit for the Twins. Morneau got the first homer an inning later. Hunter, not to be outdone, followed suit with a blast of his own. But more surprising was Rondell White's amazing catch in Left Field. I thought it was going to be down for sure, but he surprised me with a very nice grab.

The White Sox AND Tigers both lost. Good news. But Cleveland won, and I think they're going to be tough this year.

On the horizon, the Twins will be on Fox this weekend (as long as St. Louis doesn't black it out for NL ball) and back on ESPN on Monday for the Yankees.

The season is underway and I couldn't be more excited!

Let's go Bonser!

Edit: I hope Morneau apologized for that slide. That was horrible to watch. Scary. Oh, and his hit on Bako was bad too. Kudos to Bako for taking one on the chin and getting the out. I hope he's okay.